Gender equality is crucial to the success of any organization. In the tech industry, where women have been historically underrepresented, it is encouraging to see companies like Salesforce prioritize inclusive work culture.

Salesforce has many Ohana groups that push for equality across the industry. Their Women’s Network empowers the company’s global community of women in tech.

Equality in The Salesforce Community

One of Salesforce’s key initiatives for gender equality has been their push for equal pay. In 2015, Salesforce committed to an analysis of more than 17,000 global employees’ salaries to see if women and men were receiving equal pay for comparable work. Transparent with their results, they spent almost $3 million dollars to eliminate inequities in pay in 2016. After this, they repeated the process in 2017.

At roundCorner, we believe that when salaries are fair, compensation reflects a work culture where all employees receive equal respect. Annual compensation reviews ensure that all employees with similar roles and experience have fair compensation. By focusing on retention and ensuring equal pay for all employees, work culture organically becomes more inclusive as a result.

In addition, we check in with employees throughout the year to ensure everyone feels properly acknowledged for their work. With an inclusive workplace, there comes many competitive advantages: stronger morale, more room for innovation, and greater efficiency.

Julia Cannon Women in TechOne thing I love about roundCorner is the number of inspiring female leaders. I was so excited about joining because I saw an opportunity to learn from really strong women who had made a huge impact on this company and our products. They’re making waves, and I hope to do the same!” – Julia Cannon, Senior Product Manager, foundationConnect by roundCorner

At the 2017 Peak Grantmaking Annual Conference last Spring, Julia Cannon, Senior Product Manager of foundationConnect by roundCorner, lead a session with four female grantmaking professionals. Together, they discussed the importance of equality and the unique position of women who stay abreast of the technology world. Regardless of job description or experience, they have the ability to act as change makers in their communities.

Girlforce Brings Women in Tech Together at Dreamforce

Further addressing gender equality in the Salesforce ecosystem, Girlforce is a group that empowers women/nonbinary/trans persons in the nonprofit community.

We’re proud to sponsor their Girlforce@Dreamforce event to continue to show our support and be part of a cause that builds better conditions for all.

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