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By Jordan Baskett

“What is Salesforce Einstein, Really?”

Nowadays, we hear the term “AI” or “artificial intelligence” being thrown around a lot across the business technology sector. With artificial intelligence recently being integrated across the Salesforce platform in Salesforce Einstein, many nonprofits may be curious how AI can help their organization. They may also want to know if Einstein would be cost effective for their org.

To help answer these questions, I’ll take you through some of Einstein’s functionality on Salesforce and what it can potentially offer nonprofit organizations.

“Data Science As a Service”

Einstein should be viewed as “data science as a service,” meaning the product is CRM Ready, Model Ready, Data Ready and Production Ready. Built on Salesforce, Einstein is as close to “plug and play” as you can get, far easier to integrate than a non-Salesforce tool.

Using AI to create further AI, Einstein searches for correlations across standard and custom fields. You could call Einstein your “digital data scientist,” that constantly uses your data to help you work more efficiently.

Einstein Functionality in Salesforce

In the Sales Cloud, the tool can help us rethink how we use different objects.

Analyzing Leads

Many nonprofits use “leads” strictly for nurture campaigns, where a lead could be a volunteer or a name given by a current donor. Einstein would be able to predict the lead score by using the Predictive Lead Scoring feature.

Based on past converted leads, this prediction would reveal positives and negatives of different lead attributes. Then, as leads continue through attrition, Einstein can periodically re-analyze unconverted leads based on updated information.

Opportunity and Account Insights

In addition, Development reps will love the Opportunity and Account Insights features. Opportunity Insights predict the likelihood for opportunities to close, informing your org the best verticals to focus on. If there has has been no contact about a specific deal in a while, insights suggest when your org should follow up.

Account Insights will allow your org to stay in touch based on the thousands of articles Einstein reads a day. As a result, you will never struggle to find a conversation starter or to be an expert in current company news and events.

Marketing Cloud Einstein

Furthermore, Einstein does a lot of heavy lifting in the Marketing Cloud. The “Data science as a service” performs segmentation and optimizes your journey building for you. Furthermore, the tool provides general insights about your clients and recommendations of how to best reach them.

Einstein in Combination with a CRM and Fundraising Solution

Many nonprofits love to maintain all of their legacy data. Often, implementations of NGO Connect involve creating a master data strategy. If your nonprofit is like many roundCorner clients, digital is just a part of this data strategy. Your data strategy may also encompass direct mail campaigns, live events and volunteer management.

Through NGO Connect’s Preference, Volunteer, Events, and Relationship functionality, your org can track metrics about your current and past donors to gather insights.

Certainly, with Einstein running through all of this information for correlations, the potential engagement and donation insights is great.

Affording Einstein in the Nonprofit World

With “data science” services being a hot topic across industries, many for-profit organizations are hiring consultants or personnel who can fit this role. However, this can be difficult in a nonprofit space that often does not have the same budgets.

“Is Einstein worth it for my organization?”

Whether Einstein is a good fit for your org depends on your budget and your needs. Einstein could be a great stopgap for nonprofits looking for a cost-effective way to achieve more advanced insights. The tool can also provide a higher baseline of information for larger nonprofits working with Data consultants.

Salesforce has priced Einstein features on a per-data or per-user basis. Being part of the Salesforce Platform infrastructure, it would likely not require lengthy integration work for Salesforce orgs. This allows nonprofits to “dip their toe in the water” before agreeing to a large project.

Flexibility aside, I advise you check with your Salesforce Account Executive before making a purchasing decision. You should thoroughly vet this product to make sure Einstein will meet your organization’s needs.

Whether now is the right time for your org to implement Salesforce Einstein or not, the potential it presents is truly exciting. In the same vein as my last blog post on Salesforce’s Community Cloud, it’s only a matter of time before many nonprofits are using this tool.

About the Author

Jordan Baskett is a Principal Consultant and Support Services Lead for NGO Connect and Advancement Connect. With over 5 years of consulting experience, Jordan helps organizations build and nurture life-long relationships with their constituents.

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