We know the challenges development officers are facing. You are always trying to come up with new ways to keep your existing donors engaged and attract new donors.

We’ve listed a few smart ways to raise more money so you can raise more money and achieve a greater impact.

Cultivate Before Asking

Don’t underestimate the importance of building a relationship with your prospects before asking for a gift. Whether it is offline or online, people want to feel a connection to your cause before they’re willing to donate their money. So engage with them, find out what truly matters to them and build a profile so you get to know them personally.

Ask for Support for Specific Projects

Asking for general support can be useful, but it can result in your donors not feeling engaged in your mission. Asking them to support one of your special projects allows you to tell a story and engage them in your mission. Moreover, having a special project lets you set a timeframe, a deadline and a specific ask, or your target amount of dollars that you are trying to raise for this special project. Not only will you make your donors’ donations more tangible; you will also create a sense of urgency.

Ask for More

You get what you ask for. Asking for a humble $25 in hopes they will give you more out of generosity often doesn’t do the trick. Instead, ask for more money. Remember that donors who are 110% engaged in your organization’s mission are often willing to give whatever you ask for, as long as you can measure and share the impact of their donations. After all, donors can always make a counter offer if they are not comfortable with the number.

Map Their Support to Impact

There are nonprofit organizations that proudly share the dollar amount they raised for a project, but fail to share the impact. To motivate your donors to support your future projects, make sure to follow up to let them know what their money was spent on and how it impacted the community.

Focus on Better, Not More

Quality, not quantity. Finding more donors may seem like a good strategy at first; however, you can accomplish more with fewer donors who are 110% engaged in your organization’s mission and are always willing to give their support when you’re ready to launch a new project.

Make it Easy to Donate

Donating should be made as easy as possible. Your donors need to have the ability to donate anytime and anywhere, so make sure you ask for their support in every communication. When you’re sending a mail piece, when you call them, when you’re meeting them at an event, when they’re visiting your site or when you send them an email… Always be ready to receive a gift and make the transaction as flawless as possible.

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