By Lisa Fay

Salesforce NGO Connect is not solely a data repository – it is a relationship management tool. It has the capacity to add tremendous value and DO WORK during every step of a constituent’s life journey with your organization. Using Salesforce NGO Connect to support your engagement and fundraising strategy can for example result in sustaining donors feel like they are being treated like major donors.

With the proper strategy in place, the platform can automate stewardship efforts freeing the fundraisers to personally focus on the highest value initiatives and strategies that bring the most dollars into your organization. All you need are stewardship pathways and collateral materials.

Donor Preferences

Donors are more than happy to convey their funding interests and do often opt toward giving within specific program areas if given the choice. Most organizations capture this information. But then what? Salesforce NGO Connect can manage the full cycle – from self-disclosure on a web form to list segmentation and finally, to the distribution and results of targeted communications. As long as you have an editorial calendar of “stuff to send”, it can do the heavy lifting when and how you want.

Automation: Casting a Wider Net

The digital world and expectation of personalization has leveled the playing field – donors at all levels can greatly support (or not) your organization. Using Salesforce NGO Connect you can ask, listen, respond and stay ahead of your donors through targeted and automated stewardship.

Expanding Fundraising Options

A colleague of mine – best fundraiser ever – often grouped projects into larger groups and referred to it internally as a mutual fund. She marketed this mutual fund approach to donors and had the layout of stewardship materials for the year organized by “mutual fund”. Using donor preferences and campaigns in Salesforce NGO Connect, you can market and fundraise in entirely new ways.

Salesforce NGO Connect – A Team Member

Finally, Salesforce NGO Connect is a team member. It requires direction, care and thought. But it’s only as good as the strategy it supports. Incorporating it into the constituent life cycle will help you be more efficient while at the same time casting a wider net with more targeted and meaningful communications for ALL your constituents.

If you are a current Salesforce NGO Connect customer or considering NGO Connect, you have the tools at your disposal to create fresh, compelling fundraising approaches and keep your constituents engaged in the ways they want (and you want) through automated stewardship efforts.

Lisa Fay Wellek

Lisa Fay Wellek is a consultant with roundCorner. She has worked in the nonprofit sector – university, membership and health sectors – for 20 years with focus on integrating CRM with fundraising. She was with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) for 10 years in various roles including Chief of Staff for Development and most recently, National Director of CRM Strategy. Outside of work, she is studying to be a personal trainer.

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