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By Josh McDaniel

Using Salesforce Process Builder with NGO Connect

Lightning Process Builder is used to create processes in your org and possibly extend functionality related to installed packages. The below scenarios and videos walk through three use cases for using Process Builder with NGO Connect.

The environment used for the below scenarios is an org created from the NGO Connect trial template using the default settings. These scenarios are meant to review what is possible with the powerful tools Salesforce provides. But note that due to differences in environments the outcome may not be the same in your org.

Household Addressing

Address management saw a new feature, Native Addresses, released for general availability in the NGO Connect Winter ’16 release, which allows you to do cool things with Process Builder and Addresses. Create processes that work with the standard Salesforce address fields. In most cases, the update will be synchronized to the advanced NGO Connect address management functionality.

Use Case 1 – You would like Contacts to have the same Address information as the Household Account Billing Address to which they are associated.

  • Object and Process Start – Account when created or edited.
  • Criteria for Action – If Account Billing Address is changed (Street, City, State, Zip, or Country).
  • Immediate Action – Then Update all Contacts associated to the Account so that Mailing and Other Address fields match the Account Billing Address.

Video Walk-through:

Extending Batch Upload

Using Salesforce Process Builder as an extension to Batch Upload Custom Commit allows you to create entirely new records after processing is completed.

Use Case 1 – You want to capture and process more than three Preferences with Batch Upload and associate to the primary Contact matched.

  • Fields to create – Text fields to capture Preference Codes
  • Object and Process Start – Batch Upload when created or edited
  • Criteria for Action – If the Batch Upload Status is Committed, a Preference Code is filled in, and Contact 1 is matched
  • Immediate Action – Then Create a Preference record associated to the Contact matched, mark as Active, and populate a defined Code Value

Use Case 2 – You want to capture and process more than three Allocations of Accounting Units with Batch Upload and Batch Gift Entry.

  • Fields to create – Lookup field to Giving Accounting Unit, Number field to capture Distribution Percentage
  • Object and Process Start – Batch Upload when created or edited
  • Criteria for Action – If the Batch Upload Status is Committed, a GAU lookup and percentage is filled in, and Giving is matched
  • Immediate Action – Then Create a Special Allocation record associated to the Giving matched, populate the lookup to GAU, and populate the Distribution %

Video Walk-through:

Limitations and Testing

Process Builder runs during a record update or create along with all NGO Connect functionality and any custom triggers, validation rules, workflows, and processes. Helpful references include Salesforce Docs about limitation and processing order: Process Limits and Considerations and Triggers and Order of Execution.

As with anything that creates or updates data, build and test in a sandbox first! The scenarios described and videos recorded and were in new orgs without a lot of additional configuration that your org might have.

Some specific things I found related to the above use cases and NGO Connect:

  • Data loads are slowed for Account and Contact if the Address Householding process is active during data loads. Like many triggers and processes, it’s a good idea to inactivate processes during data loads. Additionally with Simplified Account Creation and Native Addresses, the process isn’t necessary for inserts
  • Code and Triggers may skip or immediately overwrite Process Builder flows due to order of execution. For example, the Address Householding flow does not appear to work during Batch Upload processing because Batch Upload commits the Account (when the flow is triggered) then commits the Contact (overwriting any flow updates)
  • Batch Upload records may need to be processed in smaller batches. Batch Upload records may need to be processed in smaller batches when using Process Builder flows set to run after the records are committed.
    The exact size of the batch you run per number of processes will vary. For example, with two Preference record creates and one Allocation/GAU create I reduced the processing batch size to around 3,000 records
  • The Batch Upload Extension process as described does conflict with the Split Allocation and Installment Allocation models in Advancement Connect

Resources and References

-Power of Us Hub

If you’re not already in the Power of Us Hub, sign up! It’s a great resource for nonprofits using Salesforce.
Getting Started in the Power of Us Hub

If you use the Power of Us Hub…
Salesforce NGO Connect group for NGO Connect customer questions, answers, and strategies

-Salesforce Docs

Process Limits and Considerations from Salesforce Docs
Triggers and Order of Execution from Salesforce Docs

Josh McDanielJosh McDaniel is roundCorner’s Product Manager. He has been instrumental in shaping and evolving the core product based on market demand since inception. Josh has a passion leveraging cloud, mobile and social to transform nonprofit technology and fundraising for the digital generation. He is a native of Missouri, a Mizzou/STL sports fan. Josh’s favorite things are family, friends, mobile apps, travel and the beach.

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