“We manage the entire Prize cycle in a single system: from application to recommendation to reviewer to grantee. We truly leverage the full power of foundationConnect and we feel that we’re in the driver’s seat.” 

– Brian Cavanaugh, Director of Digital at the Vilcek Foundation

The Vilcek Foundation raises awareness of immigrant contributions to the United States of America, and fosters appreciation of the arts and sciences. The foundation was established in 2000 by Jan and Marica Vilcek, immigrants from the former Czechoslovakia. The foundation’s mission was inspired by the couple’s respective careers in biomedical science and art history, as well as their personal experiences and appreciation for the opportunities offered to them as newcomers to the United States of America.


Applications for Vilcek Prizes were previously hosted on Hobson’s ApplyYourself platform. To manage and maintain this technology, the Foundation’s staff heavily relied on the vendor’s expertise. For example, to complete the Prize cycle, grants staff worked with the vendor’s representatives to request updates.

The system also did not provide an easy way to store files. Applications were exported to PDFs and stored locally, creating complications for security and confidentiality. This held the Foundation back from establishing a holistic view of the Prize cycle and grant seekers.

In 2012, the Vilcek Foundation migrated to NPower’s foundationConnect .Net portal. This solved many of the pain points from the past and allowed the Foundation to store data in a single place. However, as the Foundation grew and began the accumulate an abundance of data, maintaining clean data and storing files and applications digitally became a challenge again. The level of technical ability that was required also posed difficulties.


As the Vilcek Foundation outgrew foundationConnect on .Net, they were able to leverage roundCorner’s latest technology of foundationConnect on Salesforce Communities. This eliminated the need to migrate to an entirely new system and product vendor.

Brian Cavanaugh, Director of Digital at the Vilcek Foundation, says, “With foundationConnect on Communities, we feel that we’re in the driver’s seat. Our programs staff has the control and confidence to manage applications in a more intuitive and streamlined way, and we can finally leverage the full power of foundationConnect.”

With foundationConnect on Salesforce Communities, The Vilcek Foundation obtained a 360° view of the Prize cycle by managing and storing the entire process in a single system.

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