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Each year, roundCorner employees take the pledge to contribute volunteer hours to organizations throughout the United States, joining 62.6 million other Americans who volunteered for an organization at least once in the last year. A great number are willing to offer their time, and it goes without saying that these volunteers are at the core of many organizations. However, it’s worth asking how effectively your organization is acquiring–and retaining–its share of these 62 million Americans.

Volunteer Management Priorities

Volunteer managers face three priorities: recruiting new volunteers, engaging and retaining existing volunteers, and reporting volunteer participation/impact to leadership and boards. While new technologies make it easier to find and retain volunteers, they also create fierce competition between organizations cultivating the same volunteers. Consequently, it’s key for organizations to stay up-to-date on tools that can help them efficiently complete their tasks.

Tips for Volunteer Managers

  1. Empower volunteers to save you time. Use technology to empower your volunteers to complete tasks you used to complete manually. Allow them to report their hours and sign up for opportunities to volunteer. Then, you can focus your time on other important tasks.
  2. Recognize your volunteers. This includes everything from personally thanking volunteers, recognizing your top volunteers at events, to calling out your most impactful volunteers in annual reports and marketing materials.
  3. Automate reporting. Schedule automated reports to be sent to yourself and other stakeholders, showing the impact of your volunteers and their contributions.

Volunteer Management with roundCorner

roundCorner’s Volunteer Management functionality has helped organizations vastly improve their volunteer programs. Our Salesforce app lets organizations recruit volunteers, conduct volunteer screening/review, and retain volunteers through a self-service portal.

With Volunteer Management from roundCorner, Volunteer Managers can create sign-up forms that are easily shared across social media, websites and email. This enables quick and paperless recruiting of new volunteers for both general and very specific volunteer tasks. Through the solution, Volunteer Managers can review and screen these applicants before assigning them to a volunteer opportunity.

A Volunteer Community through Salesforce

Additionally, volunteers can review upcoming opportunities and sign up within our Volunteers Community. Using the same Community, Volunteers can record the hours they contributed to your organization and tasks they completed. In turn, this can drive data behind Salesforce’s automated reports, which may be emailed to stakeholders regularly.

Jason Augh volunteers at IRC in Phoenix, AZ. Photo by Linda Drew.

How International Rescue Committee Streamlined Volunteer Management

Before deploying roundCorner’s NGO Connect for Volunteer Management, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) faced inefficiencies with volunteer recruitment. To illustrate, volunteers were required to submit paper applications, which staff would manually enter into the system. The organization relied on this process to make applications accessible for the team.

roundCorner’s Volunteer Management package enabled the IRC to eliminate paper-based processes, replacing them with online application forms that were easy for staff to configure. As a result, the IRC received 1,000+ volunteer applications and over 35,000 volunteer hours were submitted through the online timesheet within the first two months of implementation. Read the full story here.

When you enable volunteers to interact with a Salesforce Community and automate tasks for volunteer managers, you create valuable time. With this time, your organization can expand recruiting efforts and find new ways to grow its slice of the 62 million Americans that volunteer each year.

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Mike Best roundCorner

Mike Best is a Product Manager at roundCorner. Guiding product requirements and development, Mike empowers clients to better understand their constituents, raise more funds, engage volunteers and manage events with NGO Connect and Advancement Connect.

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