By Lawrence Utley

It’s imperative for nonprofit organizations to communicate their mission in order to build awareness and solicit donations. To this end, an organization may represent their impact via reports, or through storytelling that gets to the heart of an org’s mission.

What lies in the future for communications that seek to reach the public and inspire action?

Salesforce sees great potential in Virtual Reality (VR) as a medium to establish empathy and visualize data. Certainly, this presents great opportunity for nonprofits.

Nonprofits Establishing Empathy through VR

When people donate their time or money to a nonprofit, it’s because they feel a connection. It’s no secret that storytelling is one of the most effective ways to establish a connection to a cause.

Recently, nonprofit organizations have exhibited VR’s potential to innovate storytelling, engaging viewers in new ways to create greater understanding of an organization’s mission.

Nonprofits that have started experimenting with VR storytelling have seen great success through increased donations and awareness. With their powerful VR film, “Four Walls,” the International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides an immersive experience that conveys the harsh realities of the Syrian refugee crisis.

By bringing people closer to stories at the core of your organization’s mission, they are more likely to take action.

Salesforce Explores VR for Customer Research

In addition to creating understanding for nonprofit supporters, VR can help further bridge the gap between a system and its users. Salesforce is one of the pioneering companies exploring how VR can innovate customer research. By sharing VR videos of users performing their jobs, Salesforce can further understand the complex needs of customers to “develop better and better products.”

Virtual Reality for Data Visualization

Salesforce is also experimenting to see how VR can revolutionize data visualization. Go to the 12-minute mark in this video to see how we are closer than ever to literally having data at our fingertips.

Virtual Reality is an undoubtedly powerful technology that presents exciting possibilities for the future of nonprofits on Salesforce.

Ready to Explore VR?

If you have the time to geek out, visit the Salesforce Trailhead link below to build an app that visualizes and interacts with your Salesforce data:

Build a 3D Virtual Reality App – A Salesforce Trailhead workshop project

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